Paul Boutin's Too Long for Twitter

Sep 29

Boring test photo (Taken with Instagram)

Boring test photo (Taken with Instagram)

Sep 01

New York Times: Facebook's new, new privacy controls -

Now you can adjust the public visibility of every single post, go back and change it on previous posts, and require any photo tags of you to be approved by you before they appear on your profile. Best of all, the buttons aren’t hard to find.

Aug 28

Screenshot for Jesse Stay.

Screenshot for Jesse Stay.

Aug 23

New York Times: How to cross-post from Twitter to Facebook -

The #fb tag lets you send your tweets to your Facebook page, if you enable the Selective Tweets app.

Aug 22

Contently: 7 things you're probably doing wrong on your company blog -

Too many company blogs fail to get read or to attract regular readers, because they make a few mistakes that can be corrected with a small effort or a simple focus.

Contently: 3 tips for hiring a blog editor -

Hiring an editor is a long-term decision that will have a much bigger effect on a site’s quality than hiring a part-time writer.

Contently: How Google+ fits into a content strategy -

Publishers should definitely work Google+ into their content strategy, but be aware that Google+ is both like Facebook, and different from it, in important ways.

New York Times: A first look at Facebook Messenger -

Facebook has published a new free app for iPhone and Android, Facebook Messenger, that unbundles its private message service from the all-in-one Facebook app.

New York Times: Viddy, like Instagram, but for videos -

A new app called Viddy may soon do for videos what Instagram has done for phone-shot photos.

New York Times: Facebook groups made easy -

A primer on Facebook Groups, which are designed to let a small set of people communicate with one another in public or in private.